i used to think life was a tragedy—now i know that its a comedy

thats our driveway where we drive

youre parked (illegally) in its middle

thats where my gf needs to drive (right now) to pick up her grandson from school

she needs to do this right now—or her grandson will have the memorable experience of being picked up late from school (did his grandparents forget him ??)

what are you doing right now corrections officer ?? oh—removing my neighbors probation bracelet—do you think you might have parked (legally) like the rest of us so you could do your job ??

or did you just park where it was convenient to you ??

see—what is convenience to you—is the law to me (i have to follow it—you dont)

is this as bad as you breaking the law by killing a black man just because you want to ?? no—but its the same fucking thing

and (probation officer) every time you break the law to do your job

my thoughts for you

and my respect for you

go down the toilet

i may have said (no problem !!) when you apologized for blocking our way (this was yesterday afternoon)

(i said that because i wanted to be nice to our neighbor—to not cause problems between you two)

but that was the last time i say that to you (probation officer)

you heard it—and i meant it

dont break the law while pretending to uphold it

all of yall are on thin ice

with me

you have no integrity

and if i maintain a zero-respect policy with cops

this is why


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