i used to think life was a tragedy—now i know that its a comedy

how we form problems

we form them by saying im opposed to that thing

within myself

or without myself

that this is opposed to that (within or without)

that theres a contradiction

that theres a lack or disconnection

that theres a misunderstanding

that the theoretical logic doesnt fit with the observable world

that what i want isnt happening

that im afraid of what i think will happen

that what i wanted did not happen

its when our logic doesnt fit with the observable world

such that there is a question (??) or an interrupt (!!) in my mind

but the problem isnt in the world—its in my mind (so if i want—i dont ever have to form a problem in the first place)

how to never form them in the first place

dont resolve contradictions

dont consider the presence of contradictions a problem

dont rectify

dont correct

dont connect

dont make equal (this to that—inside to outside—me to you—one to the other)

dont resolve conflicts

dont explain

dont answer questions—dont stop at interrupts

remember there never was a problem in the world—there was only ever a problem in my mind

see—problem solving is me changing my logic to fit the world (its never about changing the world to fit my logic)

i like to solve problems (but sometimes i want to take a break from doing that) its not always necessary to wrestle with logic while experiencing the world (sometimes i can disconnect my messy logic from my observation of the world—and thats stopping solving problems for awhile)

since i control my mind (at this level) i can choose to form problems and attempt to solve them

i can also choose not to form problems in the first place !!


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