i used to think life was a tragedy—now i know that its a comedy

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im 44 years old

i have been shitting for 44 years—doing it quite well—until recently when i learned a little tip

which is to bring my knees up to my chin while sitting on the toilet (instead of my feet resting flat on the floor)

this arranges my insides so the shit flows out more easily

its amazing—it changes the way i shit

and i just learned it at 44 years old


what else dont i know ??

you know ??

how can a fundamentally better way of shitting (for me at least) escape me for 44 years ?? how is this knowledge not taught more openly ?? how could i not know (and not have experimented with in this way) something so essential to my body ??

who knows

but its not taught—its not available—its not common knowledge—and i did not experiment with it

so what else (helpful) is not known to me ??

probably a whole lot

the lesson from this is i am a beginner—the lesson is that 44 years is not that long a time !!

im 44

i just learned how to take a shit

what else dont i know ??


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