i used to think life was a tragedy—now i know that its a comedy

im saying the same things as i was six years ago

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i just looked over my old twitter and saw text about defund the police—text about t***p—text about justice and human rights

theyre the exact things i find myself saying in conversations now

(with an entirely different set of people)

and i know that this is just how i feel and that this is at odds with some of the world

i remember (six years ago) when the election happened—people quit twitter (they were so dismayed) people quit twitter (quit blogging)

some of them have just recently come back—some of them havent returned

that our culture produces such a man is disgusting

that so many in our culture voted for a person with such a damaged character is really dismaying (to say the least)

and we are stuck in the same discussions now we were stuck in then (most concerningly i am stuck in the same discussions as i was back then)

so in six more years (when im 50) what is going to be on my twitter ?? when im 50 (if i get there) what will i look back on in terms of discussion ??

i dont want to see t***p talk on my feed (it isnt there now)

i want to have an answer for everything related to the chaos of our world

something i can say

when the conversation comes up

it would be something like

love all people—starting with myself

t***p falls short—i fall short—we all fall short—but this is the thing to go for

and this next part i will explicitly state

if you dont love all people—its simply because you do not love yourself

this is a slight restating of the golden rule (treat others how you treat yourself)

the fact is that if i am hating others i am hating myself

i need to be able to say this to people (starting now) so that when i look back in six years im not seeing the same old political discussion that i (personally) have been having for years

its a lot simpler than that

it comes down to loving me—if i dont love everyone else that is a sign that i dont love myself

im not going to say this about anyone else

im only going to say it about myself

(out loud—around other people)

when im unable to love other people—thats a sign that i dont love me !!

i know that about myself—its true—i can feel good about saying it

and i can say the opposite

when i love myself—only then am i able to love others

thats a message im ready to share


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