i used to think life was a tragedy—now i know that its a comedy

the scratch on my screen

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i recently got an iphone 13

it has a scratch on the screen (already)

which i see sometimes when i use my phone

and it really annoys me

so ive had to do some major re-programming

of my mind

around this scratch

this scratch is not an imperfection

or a flaw

it does not reflect negatively on me

it doesnt negate the value of my device

its a reminder

to use my body even though its flawed—to continue working a situation even after ive encountered the first problem—to use my device as though it wasnt broken

but also

a reminder that (every time i see it) every moment im thinking about it—is a moment too much !! if im thinking about that scratch then im sunk from the very beginning

so i recently got an iphone 13

and theres a scratch on the screen

its not a deficiency

its a lesson

staring at me

only some of the time

and its teaching me not to stand over the bed fussing over my machinery

but to lay down and skrog


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