i used to think life was a tragedy—now i know that its a comedy

theres nothing going on today (and its ok)

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in fact its a little gray outside

and im a little sad inside

but its ok

theres nothing for me to do right now (except lie on the couch)

there are really no pictures for me to take (at the moment)

no people for me to talk to

no projects for me to work on

i asked my baby (a little while ago) if it was ok if i just lied on the couch

she laughed and said ok

(lie on the couch is what i normally do)

but today is it ok ??

today is it ok if i just lie here and do nothing ??

i learned how to get through days like today (a long time ago)

i have to be ok with doing nothing

i have to be ok with being not ok

if im ok with being not ok—then (either way) im ok !!

there is the part of me thats a little sad

and the part of me who rides along through sadness and happiness—ok-ness and not ok-ness—who is here observing all along

and that part of me is ok with being not ok !!

that is the part of me whos always cool

whos meditating along—breathing along—rolling with the punches

ok with the fact that theres nothing going on today

im just lying on the couch


attending to my present-moment needs

doing nothing


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