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olivia dresher suggested we make a value resume (designed to be a real resume) that shows not the trinket things we have done for others—but the things we value (showing something real about ourselves)

mine is

  1. centeredness (that still place inside) i like to first feel ok inside myself—to feel i have space here—to feel that everything is alright even if nothing is alright
  2. creativity and joy (expressive—constructive —buoyant nature of life) i like to create !! to invent !! to make things that were not there before and would not be there without me
  3. connecting with another (any kind of intimacy) i like to communicate with another being (if one is around) to see what theyre like and what theyre up to !!

thats it—thats my value resume

i am not looking for a job—and i doubt this resume is designed to help me find one (by itself)

but i believe in the importance of what olivia has said here—that a resume of values would show more and different things than a resume of skills

how would you know you want to work with someone if you didnt know their values (top three—explicitly stated by the value holder) ??

you wouldnt (i guess is the point)

anyway this is my value resume—i encourage you to make one of your own (even if only mentally)

im using mine to think about my work relationships—imagining the conversations that would have occurred if (back then) this had been the top part of my resume


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