i used to think life was a tragedy—now i know that its a comedy

when asked if thing is x

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some people say thing is x—some say it is y

but (to me) its clear that there are many different types of thing (each of which has a different answer to the question is thing x ??)

so the simple discussion of if thing is x or y is meaningless (from this point of view)

would you have sex with bob ??

(is bob someone you would have sex with ??)

you might think this is a simple question about how you feel about bob sexually—or about your sexual preferences

but there are different types of you

theres the type of you who is in your mothers womb (and therefore the question makes no sense) (would you have sex with bob when you were the type of you who was in your mothers womb ??)

theres the type of you who has just been given the choice to either die or have sex with bob

there are types of you who are in love with bob and types of you who arent

there are types of you who have grown so old that your interest in sex has faded (such that the question and all its possible meanings are irrelevant)

and when you consider those angles—this question doesnt seem like its about sexual preferences (or your feelings for bob) at all

more examples

  • is alice evil ??
  • am i with the right person ??
  • will i like [anything] ??

there are literally no conglomerate answers to these questions


asking them or answering them is a complete waste of dialectical time

theyre too general to deserve your attention (theyre too loose)

unless the thing in question is nailed down to one (or a small number) of its types—posing these types of questions (or responding to them) should be reserved for casual conversation

these arent serious questions

theyre merely casual ones


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