i used to think life was a tragedy—now i know that its a comedy

observing the character of something

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i look at things and judge them

not based on the feelings they give me—but based on their character—their essence

their character is how things have gone in their life

its their nature

its not what they say (or what they do) alone

its how they are—what they tend to do

because (even though nothing can predict what they will do next) how they have done before is a good indicator

is a presidential candidate multiply accused of rape and fraud ??

does a potential friend consistently come to your aid when you need it ??

those are indicators of their character—and once this person becomes the president or your friend—nothing will (likely) change

if their character is flawed—its gonna stay flawed (and if it shows signs of goodness—it will be good)

character is through and through us

(when its bad) it is the fatal bite that comes after you carry that deadly little reptile across the ocean

he says

you knew i was a snake—bitch

didnt you know ??

(you shoulda read their character)


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