i used to think life was a tragedy—now i know that its a comedy

from there and then to here and now

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i write a lot of sayings (adages—short wisdoms)

i dont do this because i am expert at all these principles i talk about

but rather because i am very basic (a beginner)

i write about how not to worry because i worry a lot

im not telling you what to do (with these sayings)

im talking to myself

trying to learn something new

today im telling myself to breathe in everything here and now and breathe out everything there and then

i modeled this on a meditation my psychiatrist gave me while i was having a panic attack in the psych hospital

she said breathe in peace and everything calm—breathe out chaos and everything hectic (or something like that)

i replaced my previous meditations about enjoying the hell out of today and my job is finished—im no longer needed and i dont have any problems with this one about breathe in here and now and breathe out there and then because this last one encompasses all the others (and all others—everywhere)

its like this

if i stack my thoughts in a spiral

where the tight end is what im thinking about—and at the tight end are things that are here and now (and the loose end contains things more there and then)


my thought life is pretty much worked out

in the present moment i will be enjoying the hell out of today

i will be attending to things that matter and are present before me

i will not have any problems other than the problems truly of the present


throughout my day

i simply think of what im thinking and if theres something else more present in time and space—i switch to thinking about the more present thing

this may come naturally to some of you

it does not to me

so this is the advice i will follow today

as i let my mind calm


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