i used to think life was a tragedy—now i know that its a comedy

i am limited—i can only do so much—and at that point i must stop—be still—and do nothing

i want to be less myself

Written in


(of my old self)

i want to forget (myself)

like andy dufresne says about the pacific (it has no memory)

thats where i want to live the rest of my life

in a warm place

with no memory

i want to forget my old habits

my old people

and places

and projects

i want to forget where i came from

and who i came from

i want to forget what i used to say and what i used to do

i want to be unrecognizable from my old self

i even want to forget what i believe

and let go of how i used to work

to forget everything i ever heard

and everything i ever thought

thats how i want to be less myself

i am un-clenching my hold on what i think i am

to make way for what presents itself


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