i used to think life was a tragedy—now i know that its a comedy

i am limited—i can only do so much—and at that point i must stop—be still—and do nothing

breathing in and out

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here is my current meditation

breathe in here and now and breathe out there and then

i imagine a sphere centered on me whose outer wall contains what i can see

im inside right now so my sphere wall is at the apartment wall

(when i breathe in) the sphere shrinks from what i can see to a tiny sphere (inside me)

thats breathing in the here/now

(when i breathe out) the sphere goes from what i can see to hugely way far away (the whole rest of the universe outside the here/now)

thats breathing out the there/then

sometimes my sphere goes through time as well as space—allowing me to sense the holding onto and letting go of events in time (rather than things in space)

imagining this ballon sphere makes this meditation easy to remember

breathe in the here and now—breathe out the there and then


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  1. ▵dirt Avatar

    it strikes me today that the border of the sphere (in the above example its a visual border at the edge of the room) could also sensibly be (the border of my skull/skin) breathe in everything *thats already inside me*—breathe out everything *thats already outside*

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