i used to think life was a tragedy—now i know that its a comedy


where do you take photos ??

in hallstead pennsylvania and surrounding towns (great bend / susquehanna / conklin)

what is your photo process ??

i take photos throughout the day of things that catch my eye

i use the camera m app

on an iphone 13 pro max

i refrain from adjusting lights or moving stuff in my frames

i color in darkroom

this is my daily photography

what is your writing process ??

(when i write) i write every day (usually in the morning) for about two hours

i always listen to music (the same song or songs on repeat)

i used to drink tea when i wrote—for a while i had a writing hoodie—mostly my ritual is a writing drink (coffee lately)

i do a little every day—i dont think about writing when im not doing it—i keep my fingers on the keys the whole time—and i dont stop writing until im finished with the book !!

what is your email address ??


i found an error !!

email me about it

include the name of the book

include the text of the sentence containing the error

describe the error

thank you so much for helping me edit !!

are your books free ??

yes !!

my books are published under the bsd 2-clause license

this means you can use them privately / redistribute them / modify them / sell them

do whatever you want !!

whats your real name ??


inhaesio zha

matthew van temple

(these have been my names)

can i send you money ??


can we do business ??


(will you sign a contract with me—can i license such and such—buy such and such) ??

forget it—dont even ask

you can do what you can do

if your deal requires me to sign a contract—the answer is no

is there more ??

yes =)